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Welcome! My name is Chelsey, and I am the founder of MantraTees.

I came up with the idea for MantraTees at the beginning of 2016. It popped into my head like it had belonged there my entire life. At first, I had my doubts; There's no way that name is still available on the Internet today, I told myself. But a few quick Google queries later, I was in utter disbelief: Domain name, Gmail address, Twitter and Instagram handles, Facebook URL (okay, maybe with one extra "e"), Pinterest username ... it was all there! I'm just going to chalk it up to fate.

I've been a big fan of yoga – both the practice and the lifestyle – for a while now, and recently became a more frequent practitioner after moving into an apartment with a yoga studio on the first floor. There is something about yoga that makes you feel ... good; it brings you to a special place in your soul that is full of love, light and wonder. And you can take that love, light and wonder and send it out into the world.

That is what I wish to do with MantraTees.

Just like you set an intention at the beginning of your practice and use it to guide you throughout your time on the mat, MantraTees provides a way for you to share your mantras, your intentions, your hopes and dreams ... guiding you both on and off the mat.

I want to hear how your personal mantra or intention (or even yoga in general) has helped you on your life's journey. Have you taken a leap of faith and pursued your true passion? Have you overcome physical or emotional obstacles? Tell me all about it.

I truly hope you find something here that sets your soul on fire, that inspires you to go for it (whatever it is) and make this life of yours absolutely, astonishingly wonderful.

Love and light,


(Photos: Hiking in Arizona with my awesome rescue dog, Lennon; at Wanderlust 108 in Chicago with the love of my life, Rick; learning how to do Parsva Bakasana, or side crow.)


Twitter: @MantraTees
Instagram: @mantratees


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